VeriFacts, Inc.


Serving the Accounts Receivable Management & Financial Industry for over 25 years!

A family owned and operated business since 1987; VeriFacts Inc. integrates this atmosphere throughout our employees, and clients. As one of the leading skip trace agencies, we pride ourselves on operating with the highest standard of ethics and professionalism, delivering customized products with outstanding customer service. By promoting a dynamic environment of positive growth and change, each of us will have the opportunity, both personally and professionally, to contribute to and benefit from the success we create and we will have fun doing it.

About Verifacts

VeriFacts has been a trusted partner for over 25 years helping bring our clients a competitive edge by locating and verifying places of employment, residential location information, and no contact solutions.

Keeping customization at the forefront, we also provide scoring and complete cradle to grave work flow strategies. The verified information we return is 100% guaranteed accurate.


204 First Ave
Illinois 61081
United States of America

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